Committee presentation

Committee philosophy

Our goal is to ban as few cards as possible, and let the players enjoy their cards in a high power format. This format is based on the singleton rule, and as such is already subject to a lot of variance. If a deck appears to be too strong, our goal is to first let the players try to react to it. Then, if adaptation is not possible, or too costly to have a chance against the other archetypes of the format, we will consider banning the card causing that issue.

That is why we will focus mainly on cards that provide extremely repetitive, unenjoyable gameplay patterns, and/or are extremely hard to interact with through standard means.

We reserve the right to ban cards for other reasons however. For instance, cards that are not suited for the specific rules of this format, or cards that may cause troubles for tournament organization.

Bans are not based on statistics or results only (since those are extremely parse and are likely to remain as such for a long time), but a lot on our experience with the cards and talks with players.

Members presentation

adrien demoget "soullessoni"

President of the Magic Biquette association, dedicated to Duel Commander, level 1 judge and Legacy enthusiast, I joined MDC committee because I enjoy a lot Duel Commander and wanted to embrace this new way to play my favorite format.

anaël yahi "aliquanto"

I develop statistical tools to analyze MTGO results and manage MTG Discord servers to help players find answers to their questions. Competitively, I focus on Modern, and to relax I rather enjoy EDH/Duel Commander. I joined the MDC committee in order to offer the community a more accessible and easier to balance format.

Florian trotte "logarythme"

📝 Presentation to come 📝

lalao llambias "lalao"

Invested player in the Magic community and L2 Judge, I mainly play Modern, Limited and Standard as competitive formats. I also enjoy cEDH and DC a lot, in a more casual way. I always love to offer my help for every kind of Magic related project. That's why when I was asked if I would be interested to work for the officialisation of the MDC format I've directly answered yes!

martin cuchet "spigushe"

Active Duel Commander player, advisor to the Duel Commander Rules Committee and level 2 judge. I have a few successes in DC and actively participate in judging big events in this format. I joined this committee to share some skills and to try a new way to enjoy a format.

Théau Méry "inøve"

I've been playing competitive magic for 10 years now, double GP finalist both in modern, I went to some PT aswell. I'm hosting a french podcast about competitive magic "Podcaster Mage". I re-ignited the spark for the format that was created originally in a french shop by Olivier Rofellos, and now trying to keep it alive.